Philly's G. Love debuts 'Special Sauce' beer, but it isn't in Philly

Philly's G. Love debuts 'Special Sauce' beer, but it isn't in Philly

Philly's G. Love debuts 'Special Sauce' beer, but it isn't in Philly

Philly native G. Love of ’90s jam band G. Love & Special Sauce may like a cold beverage, as the song goes, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be able to get a chilled can of his new beer here easily.

G. Love, real name Garret Dutton, recently partnered with Bend, Ore.’s GoodLife Brewing for “G. Love’s Special Sauce: Danky Dankster IPA,” a new brew made with six types of hops to make it “the dankest special sauce known to mankind,” according to a release. Currently, quantities of the beer are available in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, California Vermont, and Chicago.

As Philly beer fans might notice, Pennsylvania isn’t anywhere on that list. A rep from GoodLife, however, says fans can request to have it on tap at their favorite bar. Beer-drinkers outside the area where Special Sauce is available can also look for it on the Tavour beer ordering app, but it’s not currently listed.

That stings a little, considering G. Love is a Philly boy, and Philly is officially America’s best beer-drinking city. On top of that, last week even marked this year’s Philly Beer Week, prompting a flood of more rare and interesting beers than we’re typically used to. Now we just feel betrayed.

Camera icon GoodLife Brewing

G. Love of G. Love & Special sauce has teamed up with Oregon’s GoodLife Brewing for “G. Love’s Special Sauce: Danky Dankness IPA.”

OK, maybe’s that’s an exaggeration. But the beer does sound pretty good — especially if you’re a hophead.

Described as a “danky hop bomb,” GoodLife’s Special Sauce aims to pack plenty of hop flavor into each sip without being overly bitter. To accomplish the task, brewers used a mix of Mosaic, Idaho 7, Mandarina Bavaria, Centennial, Columbus, and El Dorado hops at a rate of about five pounds total per barrel of beer. The final brew weighs in at 7 percent alcohol and 70 IBUs, which puts it on the stronger side of IPA spectrum while keeping its bitterness in check. Users of the beer-rating app Untappd have so far scored the brew at 3.72 stars out of 5.

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As G. Love said in a release, the idea for Special Sauce came about after he performed at the brewery and “drank into the wee hours” of the morning after playing. He spent a trip “from Philly to Bend” talking “craft beers and good vibes,” and Special Sauce was born. Previously, he collaborated with New Belgium in 2012 for Peach Porch Lounger, a saison that was part of the company’s “Lips of Faith” series.

“When I tasted their brews, met the team at GoodLife Brewing and heard how Curt Plants had been a passionate supporter of my music, I knew I had found a home for my dream,” G. Love said of the brew. “I’m beyond thrilled to bring our delicious concoction to the world and can’t wait for y’all to try this danky dankster of a beer.”

To add insult to injury, G. Love and GoodLife will tour Special Sauce around the Pacific Northwest this month, hitting stops in Portland, Ore., Seattle, and Sun Valley, The local cross section of G. Love fans and beer lovers, meanwhile, will have to work to get a proper taste.

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